After being infected with Musky Fever in 1983, I did what most new Musky anglers do…I spent a lot of time on the water, mainly in Wisconsin, without being very productive.

I went to shows, attended seminars, joined Musky Clubs, subscribed to magazines and watched fishing shows and Musky videos. I also spent a lot of money on my Musky quest.

In 1989, I was fortunate to hook up with some accomplished Musky anglers on the Chippewa Flowage, among them Frenchy LeMay. The knowledge of tactics and lures and tackle that I gained gave me the tools to be productive on the water.

I started making my own surface lures in 1996 after being disappointed with the standard selections available from most Musky fishing outlets. I began with the Best American Globe (the Typhoon) and I make a Retro Topper (the Charileg) and a winged lure called The Best American Crawler. I now also make a smaller version of the globe called The Tornado (Fashioned after the Pflueger Globe which is no longer available). I will also be offering a small topper called a Surfmaster once field testing is completed. I have teamed up with Rich Reinert to develop this enhanced version of the Cisco Kid/Surf-O-Reno topper

My philosophy is that I will not sell anything that I would not and have not used myself. I field test new lure configurations before I make them available for sale. Each lure that I sell is water tested to ensure consistent performance. If you are not happy with the lure, just send it back and I will refund the cost of the lure.

I sell my lures online through this website and Jackson Lures Unlimited. Jackson Lures sells and ships world wide and maintains a business philosophy that guarantees the satisfaction of the customer; I only ship to the continental U.S.

I also have my lures in store outlets in Wisconsin. The St. Croix factory store in Park Falls, D&B Tackle in Hayward, Ross Tackle in Phillips, Jenks Bait and Tackle in Hayward, R&M Musky Shop in Eagle River, Smokie's Muskie Shop in Pewaukee and Turtle River Trading Company in Mercer.

I get all my lure and leader hardware from Moore’s Lures including the 4/0 VMC hooks, which are now standard on all of my lure products

Each of my tackle product pages has a description of each item that may seem a bit long winded, however, I feel that it it is important for you to know as much as you can about a lure you are buying site-unseen.

These lures are 100% made in America from American materials. Since I personally make every lure, I can guarantee the quality of the products I sell.

I would not sell it to you if I would not use it myself !!!