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Over successive Musky Seasons, the Best American Globe has been a consistent producer.

The Best American Globe is now available. I have added a swivel attached to the through wire that I am sure you will like but first...I recognize that economic times are tough and that Musky lures are probably not the most important item when considering where to spend your cash.

I believe that every Musky angler should have a quality top water lure like the Best American Globe so I am rolling back the price of the lure to its 1996 price of $12.50.

It's the same high quality lure,
still 100% Made In America,
priced to fit your budget.

Price Comparison Chart

Manufacturer Internet Price Retailer
Best American Globe $12.50 Jackson Lures
Medusa $19.95 Tackle Industries
Musky Buster $25.99 Rollie & Helens
Musky Buster $25.95 Pastikas
Ty Sennett $25.95 Pastikas
Ty Sennett $26.99 Rollie & Helen’s
Le Lure $15.99 Rollie & Helen’s
American Hardwood $28.99 Rollie & Helen’s
Bobbie Bait Globe $16.99 Rollie & Helen’s
Bobbie Bait Globe $15.95 Pastikas
BS Willy Globe $25.49 Rollie & Helen’s
Holcombe $26.99 Thorn Bros.

The Best American Globe is designed to catch Muskie or Pike. The enhanced lure was field tested extensively during the 2011 Muskie/Pike seasons.

This year, I have added a high quality swivel to the globe. This is the same swivel that is provided with my leaders and, as you can see from the cross section shown here, it is attached to the through wire.

The Best American Globe is not mass produced and this maintains the quality of the lure.

The larger blade gives the Muskie/Pike angler a surface lure that  will be hard to leave in the tackle box...day or night, calm or chop.

The overall length of the lure is 9 inches. It weighs 1¾ ounces and is made in America from 100% American materials.

The Best American Globe uses a large, .035 thick, highly polished stainless steel blade. The blade paddles are hand pitched to ensure that the interaction between the blade and the through tube provides maximum water displacement and a unique metallic characteristic that will get the attention of those toothy critters.
Globe Blade
The Best American Globe is equipped with a round through tube in the globe head. The round tube ensures that the globe provides smooth and consistent performance during a retrieve. This feature, combined with the larger globe blade attached to the globe head, gives this lure its unique metallic sound and makes this lure an attractive target for a Muskie or Pike...The lure is equally productive during day or night adventures.
Globe Tube
The Best American Globe uses a .063 stainless steel through wire...This is done to make the lure a bit more resistant to the assault from a Muskie/Pike. The heavier wire will not prevent the fish from bending the lure during the heat of battle but it should lessen the severity. Globe Wire
The Best American Globe comes standard with VMC 3/0 hooks. These hooks are extremely sharp and require NO sharpening. All hooks have split rings and each lure has an undercoating of Kilz primer, a glossy enamel finish and a clear epoxy over coating to seal the lure. The through brass tube and globe blade screws use epoxy to hold them in place.
This year, the Best American Globe also comes with a bearing between the globe head and the globe body. This allows the globe head to more smoothly rotate during retrieve.

The 2012 Globe is offered in these five color patterns:


Select Color Pattern:

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